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Retreat Dharma Talks at SanghaSeva

Dharmalaya Silent Retreat

Silent Retreat before the Dharmalaya Work Retreat

2017-03-23 (9 days) SanghaSeva

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2017-03-29 Day 5 - Ways of Looking - Dukkha 63:24
Nathan Glyde
Instructions in the hall regarding all conditioned phenomena as unsatisfactory; particularly the ill-ease caused by the tendency to seek satisfaction in ephemeral and inter-dependant things, and the potential contentment, ease and joy in letting them be.
2017-03-29 Emptiness, Self and Dependent Arising 50:30
Zohar Lavie
2017-03-30 Day 6 - Ways of Looking - Anatta, not self 59:17
Zohar Lavie
Instructions in the hall - bringing awareness to the interconnected nature of all phenomena and their lack of inherent self existence
2017-03-30 Be Humanity 55:00
Nathan Glyde
Once we've looked within and seen the changeable and interconnected reality of our life, how can that support an active and engaged spirituality (with all the changeable and interconnected realities of all other beings)?
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