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Retreat Dharma Talks at SanghaSeva

One Day Frome

On this day we will cultivate spaciousness of heart and clarity of mind to allow us to investigate what is really happening in our life. From this meditative space we can explore our habits, tendencies, and patterns of mind with an attitude of kindness. By skilfully softening the tendency to criticise and judge we can open to more of our experience and uncover greater depths.
We will utilise the Buddhist practices of mindfulness, compassion and wisdom to bring our practice closer to our life; nourishing our trajectory towards freedom.

2017-09-10 (1 day) SanghaSeva

2017-09-10 Introducing a Full and Easy Breath 44:15
Nathan Glyde
Is it possible to breath into, through, and with all aspects of our experience?
2017-09-10 Heaven and Hell have Doors in Perception 54:55
Nathan Glyde
Not about Aldous Huxley's great books, but an exploration of the proximity of those disparate states of being; heavenly moments and hellish ones. Exploring how our reactions to the unfolding experience of life in a wise and kind manner shape what we see. Not offered as a panacea but as a compassionate response that brings intimacy and potential to all of our lives.
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