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Retreat Dharma Talks at SanghaSeva

Dharmalaya Silent Retreat

Silent meditation retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas

2017-12-16 (8 days) SanghaSeva

2017-12-16 Approaches and Attitudes to Practice 52:30
Zohar Lavie
2017-12-17 Unhindered and Glad 59:39
Nathan Glyde
Meeting the Hindrance Factors with Awakening Factors.
2017-12-18 Beyond Appearances 58:56
Zohar Lavie
2017-12-19 Metta Views Self-Views 57:44
Nathan Glyde
How metta transcends self & other, and opens us to emptiness.
2017-12-20 Guided Meditation Metta to Phenomena 45:04
Nathan Glyde
Expanding metta practice from the usual other beings to phenomena itself. Based on Rob Burbea's work.
2017-12-20 Gratitude, Generosity and Emptiness 57:54
Zohar Lavie
2017-12-21 Guided Meditation - 3 Characteristics as Ways of Looking 46:00
Zohar Lavie
2017-12-21 World of Mind 58:18
Nathan Glyde
Maintaining the practice through all of life. Based on the Sutta; Two Sorts of Thinking; Dvedhāvitakka Sutta (MN 19).
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