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Retreat Dharma Talks at SanghaSeva

Anandwan 2018

2018-01-10 (21 days) SanghaSeva

2018-01-14 Immeasurable at Work 39:30
Nathan Glyde
Starting the Anandwan Work Retreat where we will bring compassion into our work with the leprosy affected and other peoples outcast from their families and societies. Reflections on fabrication of self and world, and how to bring the immeasurable Brahma Viharas into a skilful way of perceiving.
2018-01-21 Three Characteristics Views - Guided Meditation 43:09
Nathan Glyde
Guided meditation exploring the insight practice of viewing arising and passing phenomena through the liberating lens of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and not-self.
2018-01-21 Life is Never Alone 54:05
Zohar Lavie
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