The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Sangha Seva

Dharma Yatra 2018

A meditation event open to all. Including time for silence and communication, inquiry and exploration, stillness and walking. Families welcome.
2018-07-23 (12 days) Sangha Seva

2018-07-26 Towards Fearlessness 47:38
  Zohar Lavie
With French Translation. Shaping perception.
2018-07-28 "Moon in a Dewdrop" - World of Mind 55:26
  Nathan Glyde
With French Translation. An exploration of how the only world we know is the one that appears within our minds. And how the interior world of senses & perception can be shaped towards freedom.
2018-07-30 The Heart of the Yatra 44:40
  Zohar Lavie
With French Translation. Meeting the edge and loving it.
2018-08-01 Is there Love in Anger? 43:03
  Nathan Glyde
With French Translation. Recorded in a tent in the rain. Exploring anger, and fear, in an attempt to find the love and benefit within them, and within us.
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