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Nathan Glyde's Dharma Talks at SanghaSeva
Nathan Glyde
Nathan Glyde has been practicing and studying meditation since 1997, and sharing teachings on retreats since 2007. In 2004 he co-founded SanghaSeva whose retreats emphasise wisdom and compassion in ecological and humanitarian service.
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2020-04-24 Opening Talk for Opening, Steadying, Allowing 12:26
The first dharma talk of the retreat - we've already done all the practical stuff, established the sila, and are opening the theme: Opening, Steadying, and Allowing. Yet there are many ways to see any retreat, and these are just suggestions that may be helpful...
Opening, Steadying, Allowing
2020-04-15 Day 5 Instructions - Just a Perception 56:20
A review of all the ways of looking and relating to phenomena, culminating in seeing them as empty phenomena.
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-04-14 All Phenomena are Empty. Fill them with Metta. 38:44
All phenomena are fabricated by perception: all things are empty of inherently existing separate from the atmosphere of attention. We explore what happens to phenomena and the sense of self when perception is soaked in kindness and care. Supported by the suttas: Two Sorts of Thinking (MN19), and the Karaniya Metta Sutta (SN1.8).
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-04-14 Metta to All Phenomena 42:05
Spreading the atmosphere of metta to 'all of the all'.
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-04-13 Day 3 Instructions - Meeting All Passing Vedana With Spacious Awareness 54:57
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-04-12 Easing Escalation 43:28
Skilfully meeting the hindrances to meditation and to well-being in life, by understanding the dependent origination of experience: particularly fabrication (escalation–papancha, etc.) based on reactivity to unseen vedana.
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-04-12 Mettā to Self, Friend, those Suffering, and Whole World 42:14
Guided Metta Meditation including a subtle compassionate quality as we gently include those in pain or difficulty in the world.
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-04-11 Day 1 Instructions - Welcoming Body in a Spacious Awareness 54:31
Supporting steadiness, openness, and dedication in our practice. Via a spread and open awareness that is intentionally receiving–inviting–the present body sensations into the spacious awareness. Our dedication is to stay steady with it, and to re-open and re-invite, when our attention, naturally, moves away. All of this is done with a gentle atmosphere of metta–kindness.
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-04-10 Opening Talk - Metta and Emptiness 39:19
Introducing the main concept of this retreat: sankhara-fabrication. In particular the insight that experience is 'made up' from an object in attention and an atmosphere of attention. The latter we could call the way of relating, or way of looking (as Rob Burbea teaches it). We can pay attention to different objects, and that affects expereince. We can also develop ('bhavana' = cultivate) other atmospheres or modes of attending.
Metta and Emptiness - Online
2020-03-19 A Powerful Lens to Meet a Pandemic 39:40
There is always a way of looking or way of relating to life operating when we are perceiving. When we understand that we can adjust this, we find a profound level of freedom. What is the most freeing lens to bring to how we look at this pandemic? And what does that mean (as a transferable skill) when we bring freeing ways of looking to the totality of our experience?
A Response to Coronavirus

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